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Do you wake up in the morning feeling pure happiness pur, energy buzzing, being present, having no pain, and being satisfied with where you are?

Some of us, yes. Most, no. Others might remember the childhood of

  • A BODY that was so vibrant, healthy, fearless, free of pain.

  • A SPIRIT who was, so alive, present, calm, happy with little things.

  • An SOUL that was so calm, rounded, in touch with the real self.

For some of us, these memories are vague …

There are no coincidences in life..


Hello, my name is Dejana Subsol

I am the naturopath behind DSNaturopathy, and I am dedicated to helping people find the balance and the energy of their youth.

Using methods and natural techniques and specific programs to every customer, I help people who are not in perfect health, who are ready for changes in their lives and become managers of their own health in order to be healthy, slim, radiant and energetic.

Are you ready to change?

You are ready to give up your old habits and lifestyle and get rid of old pain, insomnia, lack of sleep, poor digestion, chronic diseases, overweight, mood swings, eating disorders ?

You want to feel energized, radiant, be healthy, have optimal weight, be happy and need help.

You need help?

That’s what I do.  

Click My Story to find out why I left my career in architecture and became Naturopath. You can also click on my Professional Bio for more informations.

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