Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve optimum health on all three levels of your existence: physical, emotional and spiritual, and in doing so enable them to become managers of your own health and destiny.

Naturopathy, Iridology, Energy Healing, Reflexology

I am Dejana Subsol, I am a Naturopath and founder of DSNaturopathy.

I became fascinated with natural treatments while searching for solutions to overcome my son’s allergies that provoked his asthma attacks.

Life guided me where I am meant to be and by following the signs today I help people prevent and find answers in natural solutions to their health imbalances.

Read my story from architect to naturopath here and my professional bio here.

Integrative nutritional and wellness coaching

I am Daniela Rosu, I am an Integrative Nutrition Health andWellness Coach and I help you to create a completely personalized“road map to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

I coach people how to make better decisions that fit into their busy lifestyle making sure they are taking care of themselves and their own health.  My aim is to give you support and tools to make this lifestyle change easier and more enjoyable.

Read my story from corporate background to nutritional coaching here.

Counseling, Hypnotherapy, CT, TFT and NLP 

I am Melanie Sarginson, I work with many modalities and tools to help people change their outlook on life to a much more positive one.

My aim as a Certified Counsellor, a Hypnotherapist, a Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer, aReiki teacher  and an Advanced Thought Field Therapist is to helpand support people to make the most of their lives by healing theiremotional traumas and blockages.

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