Life guides us where we are supposed to be, if only we follow the signs and listen to our hearts.

My childhood years were spent between ex-Yugoslavia, India and Egypt. Later, I trained as an architect in the UK and then spent 15 years working in the UK, Canada, France and Belgium as a Project Director and Project Manager.

While my head was in a success story and at the peak of my career in Belgium, my husband was transferred with his job to Croatia.

While taking a year off to settle the family, in this small and beautiful country, I discovered the amazing richness of knowledge and information in natural healing through workshops, cooking classes, lectures, literature, and yoga.

I became fascinated and started studying quantum physics, reflexology, acupressure, meditation, breathing techniques and Ashtanga Yoga.

These discoveries led me to finally listen to my heart and become a certified naturopath, studying at the Institut Français des Sciences de l’Homme in Nice, France. Thus, I left my architecture career behind me.

Next, our expat life evolved and took us to Bahrain where I discovered Reiki and passed the three levels for mastering this form of healing. Reiki opened yet another amazing window and took me into the world of energy healing.

I then went on to study Quantum Energy Healing in France with renowned French doctor, Luc Bodin.

I still study and perfect my knowledge in the fascinating world of naturopathy and have have had an honor to study and work under Professeur Gregoire Jauvais, who was the right hand for 30 years of the famous Professeur P. Marchessau, father of the French Naturopathy.


  • PhD in Human Biology and Nutrition, USA
  • Master of Human Biology and Nutrition, France
  • Degree in Naturopathy and Iridology, France
  • Quantum Energy Healing Diploma 1st and 2nd part, France
  • Graduate in Reflexotherapy, France
  • Reiki Master, Bahrain
  • Part III in Architecture, Newcastle, UK – RIBA Member, ARB Registered
  • Professional Practice and Management, UK
  • BA in Architecture, BiH
  • High School Diploma, Cairo American College, Egypt

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