Invasive complete body and emotions scanning and therapy.

Can be upgraded to any of the packages.

Physioscan is non invasive complete body and emotions scanning and therapy

It is part of the Holistic and Health Vitality packages as an amazing testing toolhowever it is also capable of transmitting therapeutic frequencies and rebalances the organs that are suffering.

Non-linear  (NLS) bioresonance systems (NLS) that combine advanced information technology with the field of active homeostatic (balance) control.

With a healthy connections between the spine and the brain, neurons are able to travel and communicate.  The rotation of the atoms in the cells generate frequencies which the brain as the control source in the body picks up.

Physiocan electromagnetic generated software picks up these frequencies and translates them into energy levels, graphs and coefficients.  We are trained to read this information and conduct an accurate analysis.   We are able to detect the misbalance and disease at its very early stages as well as the advanced stages and are able to treat them and correct them.

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