We want you to achieve a level of health, energy and wellness that you may not have experienced since you were a child…

Our ultimate objective is to bring you completely back to into holistic balance – in your body, mind and soul – thus providing a clear personalized path to optimal vitality and symptom free state of health. Additionally we will enable you to become managers of your health for life.

Major progress on the path to your optimal vitality is possible with determination and organization on your part. We will give you the information and all the support.

This is for you if:
You have a complex or serious health problem such as diabetescancerAlzheimerParkinson, MS, RA, or other autoimmune conditions such as lupusFibromyalgia / Chronic fatigue, ..etc.or important weight loss.

It is a 3-6 month program with important commitment on your part.


3 -6 months –  max 9 months

It includes:

• an initial 1h consultation in person or via Skype that will enable us to have a complete understanding of you current state of health. If this is a consultation in person we will test you with Physioscan, QMRA and Iridolgy. If it is a Skype consultation, and if you are not already our client, you will need to forward us a picture of your iris. We will send you a short video how to do this easily.
• Full Diet, supplement and lifestyle program
• 2nd (1h) run through the program consultation approximately 7-14 days after the receipt of the program
• 3rd (1h) consultation about 4-8 weeks after the 2nd one or after the start of the program
• 4th (1h) consultation 3 months after the start of the program In this program you have more support and can send us 5 extra e-mail with questions or have a three 15min Skype consultations for clarifications if you need to.

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