Work With Me

follow a precise method to get to know all about you, so I can design a program specifically for you, to put you on your path to vitality.

What to know about working with me

  • You are unique and will be treated as such
  • Your health plan will give you a clear method with tools to guide you through the process of regaining and maintaining your health, your radiance, and your vitality.
  • We will work together in total confidence; you will be heard and not judged.
  • I care. I love healing people. I want to succeed with every single client.
  • You will have my full support and feeling that you are not alone in your quest for optimum health
  • You will come out a radiatingfull of energyhealthy and happy

What you are ready to commit to

  • You are ready for a change in your eating and lifestyle habits; ready to adopt new ones.
  • You are willing to put the time and effort into:
    • learning about your path to health and vitality
    • educating yourself through reading the information given to you and
    • attending workshops, in order to become a manager of your own health
  • You are willing to be kind and tolerant with yourself and accept that there is no “quick fix” plan. Our work together is a process that takes commitment and effort, and will take you towards a healthier and happier you
  • You are willing to accept that you are not perfect and that sometimes you will take a few steps backwards, and this is OK as long as you keep moving forwards
  • You are willing to enter into a trusting relationship with me; to allow me to guide you through this process

If you’re still with me, this is how it goes

  • I will work one-on-one with you through my practice in my home in Bahrain
  • I look at each client uniquely and will create your health program as such
  • I begin by helping you change your dietary and lifestyle habits to create dramatic change in how you feel, and I support you throughout your journey.

If you wish to go deeper or have already done work on your diet and lifestyle and are looking to maintain or deepen your progress through complimentary healing practices like Reflexology and Quantum Energy Healing, I do that too.

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